About the Engineering Division

The Engineering Building is located at 25 Lakeside Avenue, on the same street as the main entrance to Thomas A. Edison National Historic Site. Public Works is also located at 25 Lakeside Avenue.
(Department of Public Works)

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide the most desirable environment for the community.


  • Designing / administering township public works projects
  • Supervising sub-contracted projects
  • Granting certain permits
  • Performing inspections
  • Providing street and tax maps
  • Providing technical support to maintain the township's infrastructure


  • Property deed transcripts
  • Review of private land development projects
  • Grading plans / drainage plans
  • Providing permits and inspections, including sidewalk and curb permits, municipal road opening permits, sanitary sewer connection permits, and on-street temporary dumpster parking permits
  • Providing flood zone information based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Maps
  • Street lighting improvements
  • Performing traffic studies

Deeds & Mapping Fees

Property deed transcript$5 per deed
Tax map$5 per copy
Street map$3.50 per copy