Mayor's Wellness Campaign

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The Mayors Wellness Campaign (MWC) is a statewide community health initiative directed by the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute in partnership with the New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJLM). The MWC provides evidence-based tools and strategies to mayors and community leaders to help their residents achieve healthier lifestyles, as well as to improve the
health and wellness of their communities. Since the program’s inception, the MWC has grown to include over 415 participating communities — more than 72% of the state’s municipalities, with more towns joining every year.

Contact Information:

Mayor's Wellness Campaign
c/o Mayor's Office, Township of West Orange
66 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052


Jessica Curry
Kim Martin
Lynette Sheard
Craig Stanley
Katia Stuart
Marie Tanis
Joe Fagan- PR
Michael Fonzino- Health Department
Bill Kehoe- Recreation Department
Dorothy Sanders- Outreach Coordinator
Laura Van Dyke- West Orange Senior Services