About the Fire Inspection Program

The West Orange Fire Department has state certified fire inspectors assigned to fire prevention and the operations division(s) who conduct inspections throughout the community in life safety, commercial and multi-unit dwellings. The fire inspectors are assisted by the remaining compliment of West Orange Fire Department personnel, working by radio while conducting fire safety inspections. The fire inspection program is completely computerized so that the fire official and department personnel have current records at a moment's notice. The inspection documentation is prepared, sorted, and distributed to firefighting personnel.

Inspector Training / Education

Continuous training is maintained to ensure proper application of all applicable laws, statutes, regulations and codes to update our company officers. This enables us to better educate the owner/occupant of residential or commercial properties in all aspects of fire and safety prevention. The occupant /owner of a particular structure that requires a remedy to comply with the codes and regulations governing fire safety is guided by a certified fire inspector so that the premise(s) are in compliance with all fire safety regulations.

Public Assembly Inspections

The bureau coordinates the public assembly inspections of local restaurants, night clubs, and any other buildings where people might gather. Occupancy ratings are calculated for each assembly area in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Code and the National Life Safety Code with the legal number of people permitted in the area posted in a conspicuous place to allow for enforcement.


Enforcement of fire safety codes are essential to the Life Safety Program, owners, occupants and the citizens of West Orange.

Alarm Systems, Sprinklers & Standpipe Systems

The West Orange Fire Prevention Bureau is also responsible for verifying the testing of sprinkler, standpipe, kitchen suppression, and fire alarm systems during in-service company inspections.

Fire Lanes

The fire lanes in the Township of West Orange are enforced by the West Orange Fire Department in accordance with New Jersey Administrative fire codes and Township ordinances.