How do I know what my recycling day is?
Recycling is the FIRST of your garbage pick up days of the week.

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1. Who do I contact if I have questions about the schools in West Orange?
2. If I want to rent the facilities at Eagle Rock Reservation, South Mountain Reservation, Turtle Back Zoo or Mayapple Hill who do I contact?
3. How do I find out information about The Thomas Edison National Historic Museum?
4. Where can I learn about the history of West Orange?
5. Who do I call to find out information on the St. Patrick's Day Parade?
6. Who do I contact for information about marriage licenses?
7. Who do I contact about trash and recycling pickup issues or questions?
8. How do I know what my recycling day is?
9. How do I know my bulk trash pick up day?
10. Who do I call if I have questions about my water or my water bill?
11. When do I receive my property tax and sewer bills and when are these payments due?
12. Do I need a permit inorder to have a garage or house sale?
13. Who provides gas and electric to the residents?
14. Who do I contact for information on all recreational activities?
15. How and where do I find out the many ordinances and laws that I should know inorder to live in West Orange?
16. What services/programs are available for Senior Citizens in West Orange?
17. Where can I find out about local volunteer opportunities?
18. What is that loud siren/alarm I hear at times from some of our Recreation Facilities?