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What do I do with my leaves?
From October 22nd to December 14th, Public Works picks up curbside leaf piles on every street in the town with the exception of county roads. Leaves at curbside shall be placed according to the leaf schedule on the website. There are usually at least two loose leaf pickups per season, weather permitting. From October to the end of December and from March to the end of May leaves can be placed in biodegradable paper bags for pick up. During March thru May residents should contact Public Works to schedule a leaf bag pick up. Leaf bags can be purchased from the Engineering Department (25 Lakeside Avenue),the Purchasing Department (66 Main Street) or the Environmental Center (590 Mt. Pleasant Avenue) for .40 cents each bag (5/$2.00). These biodegradable bags are for leaves ONLY, bags containing materials other than leaves, such as grass, branches, dirt, or stones will not be accepted. Home owners residing on a county road should contact the Essex County Public Works to get a Fall Leaf Pick up Schedule.

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