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Election Information
Calendar and General Information

Emergency Alert Notification-Swift 911
To register for emergency and community notifications via phone, email or text messaging

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Public Health
The West Orange Health Department participates as a member of the Emergency Management team.

Employment Application

Employment Opportunities

Energy Aggregation

Explore details about the Engineering Division.

Environmental Center
Located at 590 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

Environmental Commission

Environmental Health
Environmental Health is a Division of the West Orange Health Department.

Environmental Health Functions
Obtain information about the Environmental Health Division functions.

Essex County Clerk

Essex County Clerk Services

Essex County Elected Officials

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo

Essex County Freeholders

Essex County, NJ

Essex County Outreach Schedule
For the most current dates and locations that the Office of the County Clerk can be found

Essex County Parks & Reservations

Essex County Surrogates Office

Essex County Utilities Authority
The Essex County Utilities Authority (ECUA) is responsible for developing and managing the County’s solid waste disposal system.

Keep up-to-date with upcoming community events listed in the township calendar.

Look through a list of township facilities.

Federal Elected Officials

File a Code Enforcement Complaint
File a complaint with the Construction Code Enforcement Division.

File of Life
File of Life Cards for senior citizens are available at the Health Center.

Filming Permit & Ordinance

Financial Aid Programs information
Information pertaining to financial aid programs, such as Food Stamps, Social Security, Disability, Medicare, and Medicaid is available through the Social Services/Welfare Department.

Peruse Fire Department information, including station locations, fire safety tips, and more.

Fire Administration
Review contact information and other details about the Fire Administration Division.

Fire Arms Permit
To obtain a firearms permit- contact the Central Records Bureau of the WOPD

Fire Directory
Research contact information for Fire Department staff.

Fire Divisions
Get information about the Administration, Firefighting, and Prevention Divisions of the Fire Department.

Fire Department Document Center

Fire Inspections
See details about fire inspections provided by the Prevention Division of the Fire Deaprtment.

Fire Stations
Check out the locations of West Orange fire stations.

Fire Volunteer Opportunities
Discover volunteer opportunities with the Fire Department.

Fireworks Display

Firefighting Operations
Explore details about the Firefighting Division.

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine
Obtain information about flu and pneumonia vaccine clinics sponsored in the Fall.

Food Establishment Licensing
All food and drinking establishments within the Township are licensed by the West Orange Health Department.

Food Stamps Program
Information pertaining to financial aid programs, such as Food Stamps, is available through the Social Services/Welfare Department.

Food Surveillance
All food and drinking establishments within the Township are inspected by the West Orange Health Department.


For information on foreclosures

Francis Byrne Golf Course

Freeholder Rufus I. Johnson

Freeholder Leonard M. Luciano

Freeholder Gerald W. Owens

Freeholder Patricia Sebold

Freeholder Blonnie R. Watson