Mayor's Program for the Uniquely gifted

Contact: Lisa Adams, Chair
West Orange Department of Recreation
66 1/2 Cherry Street

The Township of West Orange believes that there is a manifest need to provide recreational and social activities for persons who are mentally and/or physically disabled. It also recognizes its obligation to offer and provide information and services to the families of disabled persons. The Board shall foster community good will and understanding toward persons with mental and/or physical disabilities and make recommendations to the Mayor and Township Council for the development of policies and programs designed to achieve these goals. (Formerly known as The Mayor's Program for People with Disabilities)



Lisa Adams, Chair
Pastor Douglas Adams
Cynthia Hadley Bailey
Elaine Bury
Louis DellaPia    
Alexandra DeRonde
Randi Fried
Erica Holland
Angela Pela
Phil Portuese
Sascha Frimpong