Mission Statement, Value Statement & Core Values


The mission of Township of West Orange Public Housing Agency is committed to achieving excellence in providing safe, clean, and modern housing assistance while providing our residents fair, affordable housing and opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency, enhance the quality of life, and thereby strengthening our community.


Our vision is to improve lives and assist those in need while committing to providing exemplary service to all citizens of this community. 



Character - We strive to be honest and forthright individuals, worthy of the trust that the public places in us. We conduct ourselves with integrity at all times, both on and off duty, to ensure compliance with departmental ethics rules and all local laws.

Professionalism - We understand the importance of a strong work ethic, and take great pride in the vital work that we do to support and help strengthen West Orange families.

Cost-efficiency - Each of us is responsible for helping to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in the workplace, by making sure to report those instances to our supervisors or the appropriate office, wherever encountered.