Citizen's Budget Advisory Committee


The Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee will be charged with reviewing the Township’s Budget, its services, programs and expenditures, compiling the Committee’s collective analysis, input and suggestions and presenting them to the Township Council annually.

The Committee will be comprised of seven members, two appointed by the Mayor (one of which will be the Chairperson) and one by each of the five members of the Township Council. The term of each Committee member will be one year, ending on September 30th of each year.  

Res. # 279-09: To Establish A Citizen's Budget Advisory Committee

Contact Information:

Citizens Budget Advisory Committee- Township Council 
Township of West Orange
66 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052


Paul Petigrow- CHAIR
Ken Alper
Rick Brill
Todd Dubovy
Cindy Matute-Brown
Deborah Robinson
Tatia Mayes Russell