New Resident Welcome Picnic

The picnic is a great way for new residents to get to know current residents, local clubs, organizations, and township departments over food and refreshments. It is guaranteed family fun for new residents of all ages. The picnic is conducted in September each year. Check the township calendar for upcoming dates. For more information, email New Resident Welcome Picnic.

Real Estate Outreach Forum

The forum is an innovative way to communicate West Orange values, charisma, and assets and instill interest in professionals looking to move out of the New York City area and into a quaint town with an outstanding school system, a strong art culture, affordable homes, and an easy commute to the Big Apple. Scheduled for the late fall in Hoboken, New Jersey, this will be the first in a series of outreach programs targeting families and real estate brokers. For more information, email Real Estate Outreach Forum.

West Orange Nonprofit Forum

This yearly forum is a venue where nonprofits can discuss their mission and upcoming events. It is open to all West Orange art, drama, dance, civic, and community nonprofit organizations and clubs. Each organization will speak for a predetermined amount of time before networking over appetizers, refreshments, and wine. Request information by email.