Who is required to comply with the Township Ordinance?

Any individual or entity who, or which, owns or leases, and/or operates, a business within the Township and has complied with the provisions of this Chapter in obtaining a Mercantile LIcense.  Additionally, no person shall engage in  any business in the Township, nor  encourage and assist in any business, unless a license as hereinafter  provided for shall have been first obtained.

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1. Where can I find the enacted legislation?
2. Where can I find the Township Ordinance?
3. Who is required to comply with the Township Ordinance?
4. What are the Insurance Liability Requirements?
5. What is the term of each license?
6. How much is Mercantile License annual registration fee?
7. Where do I post the Mercantile License?
8. When is the compliance date of the Ordinance?
9. Are there any restrictions with the Mercantile License?
10. How will the Mercantile License be enforced?
11. What happens if a business does not comply with obtaining a Mercantile License?
12. Can I come in person to register?
13. Can I pay by check or cash?